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Special thanks to H.T. Rogers for contributing all the following material from his personal collection. Mr Rogers has very generously offered his assistance to anyone with special interest in the M60A1/A3

M60A1 (RISE) busting a dune in Ft. Bliss, Texas (close to El Paso, but actually in New Mexico) in desert camoflauge, of the Tank Section of the 2nd Platoon, E Troop, 2nd Squadron, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment "Brave Rifles" (1981). This is Tank E-29 "Executioner", of which I was commander. 105mm gun M68, .50 calibre machine gun in commander's cupola.
Again, M60A1 (RISE) on desert exercise at Ft.Bliss (1981). Note camoflauge netting on turret and main gun barrel. Tank E-27 "Exterminator."
E Troop on road march, Ft. Bliss, Texas (1980). M113A1 Armored Personell Carriers carrying scouts, and M60A1 Tanks for protection. 3rd Platoon.
Tank Commander Sgt. "TJ" Tijerina with 105mm pratice rounds, hence the blue markings. R front: APDS (Armor Piercing Discarding Sabot) as with middle front. Right rear: HEAT (High Explosive Anti-Tank). Left front: HEP (High Explosive Plastic). 1981.

M60A1 in hull-down position on field exercise, Ft. Bliss Texas (1981). Note effectiveness of camoflauge scheme. 1st Platoon, Tank E-19, "Eliminator."

Driver performing field maintenence on road wheels, adding axle grease.

This is a dawn shot of overnight "Wedge" formation adopted from Israeli desert tactics. 3rd Platoon, M60A1's and M113A1's.

Right inside shot of turret: ballistic computer bottom left (Gunner would occupy this space) and upper right, Tank Commander's Main Gun Controls, used to bring target into Gunner's sight picture. Slight view of optical rangefinder across top.
Right rear of turret overhang M60A1, Tank Commander's communication equipment, this Tank was a Platoon Seargeant's vehical, hence two radios: one for platoon frequency, one for command frequency. Left rear of overhang is main gun ammo storage. 1981.
Loader's Ready Rack to left of main gun breech, front left of turret. Practive ammunition; blue markings. 105mm for Gun M68. Front two rounds are HEP (high explosive plastic), second left is APDS (Armor Piercing Discardiing Sabot), second right is HEAT (High Explosive Anti-Tank).

Round patch is unit patch, worn on right shoulder, other patches were worn under right pocket on fatigues and jackets, awarded for gunnery performance.

© 1998 H.T. Rogers
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