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A39 Tortoise: Front

A39 Tortoise: Top Front Hull

A39 Tortoise: Top Haches

Note the turret mounted on top the hull which held twin Besa machine guns. The firing mechanisms of these guns had to be fitted with stops to prevent accidental firing at the hull fittings or crew hatches !

A39 Tortoise: Top

A39 Tortoise: Hull Machine Gun

A39 Tortoise: Main Gun Mantlet

The gun barrel rather than being mounted on the more traditional trunions, protruded through a large ball mount.

A39 Tortoise: Track

A39 Tortoise: Suspension

The suspension consisted of four bogies on each side each of the hull. Each bogie had two pairs of wheels each pair being linked to a transverse torsion bar.

A39 Tortoise: Gun

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